Sunday, June 21, 2015

It's been a funny and not so funny old week

Well, last week ended on a high when Bri and I did finally see a pair of kingfishers flash and I mean flash by at Wolseley Bridge nature reserve.
 Monday started with a visit to the beautiful National Arboretum in Staffordshire and that's when the week started going downhill fast. I slipped a disk while there, walking a bit too far for me.
 Tuesday we blew the mains electric and had only lights. Being as this weekend is summer solstice and the only thing we didn't need on were the lights. As you know we never burn the midnight as our motto has always been "you're burnin' daylight " for us its up early to bed early. Fortunately for us next door had a man in doing her kitchen so we paid him to fix it. Great.
 Wednesday, however, no kettle, it died on us, owing to yesterday's incident. So off we went like fools to Curry's to get another one. No chance, the help there is useless in fact totally non existent. After shopping around another five mile journey we made it home for a cuppa
 Thursday, nice, we were down the lottie picking strawberries, radish and lettuce for tea but came home crippled with my back so Friday and Saturday were definitely non starters. However, another little highlight turned up Bri went to water the garden tubs and found a huge frog inside the watering can waiting to be rescued. He sure hopped off quick.

Today, though, was great we went to Blithbury Reservoir, got lost on the way, as we do and stumbled onto a lovely tucked away treasure called The Cobweb. It sells tea, homemade cakes (Bri loved it on sight) also soups and light lunches. It was so tiny tucked in the courtyard of a big farmhouse and the house had nests of house martins all around it. We watched them coming and going feeding the chicks. It was a treat. Then we were chatting to other folk and found we were hardly lost at all so got to Blithbury and there was the most beautiful tall tree woods with bark paths leading through it. We saw young cormorants, oyster catchers and common sandpipers and guess what?
not a heron all week.

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