Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone from Bri, Plum & Molly

Close Encounters

Molly came rushing into the kitchen this morning and when I looked up, a huge shadow crossed the kitchen window. I thought, now what? What now indeed, it was a flock of at least ten really huge birds circling our little pear tree. I thought it can't be swans and it wasn't. Looking up they were white but had black tipped wings. They had great big yellow hooked beaks and looked menacing. They circled for a good ten minutes and it seemed as if Molly and I were suspended in a snowglobe. It was a weird experience and I was glad Molly had the good sense to be worried and come in. They were hungry for sure. After sorting through my bird books I discovered they were herring gulls, a bit far from home I think. I really hope so, I wouldn't want them at my bird table every day if ever.

Well Preserved

On the bleakest morning of winter so far we had a summer treat from our allotment. Yesterday, for breakfast, I opened a jar of our strawberry jam for our croissants. When I closed my eyes I could smell and taste summer. I knew then that I will never quit wanting to grow fruit and veg. We still have leeks to make into soup and to go in chicken pot pie, swedes to go in our mash with sausages, parsnips to coat with maple syrup and roast, but best of all a cupboard filled with rhubarb and ginger jam for our steamed puds, raspberry jam to go on anything, strawberry for croissants and scones and beetroot chutney for well, I'm not quite sure yet. However, it is wonderful to know it's there and we grew it. I know on cold horrible weather days the time for planting seems so far off, but the speed last year went I'm sure it will be right round the corner. Bri's plan for next year will be entirely new to us and will make it all fresh again. I can't wait...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Well then...

...another Christmas Day over and another collection of happy memories. For us a treasured one will certainly be seeing our great-niece who is almost two, dressed up in her fairy costume complete with golden wings and twirling around so everyone could see them. Memories don't get better than that, except that we were all together with our family and Terry and Yvonne had done the cooking (It was wonderful). We hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas Day as much as us. Having done the turkey route and all the trimmings, I have to say we are looking forward to the rum soaked Christmas cake we have been feeding since the end of October. Yes, it should go nice with our coffee each morning. Talking about coffees, our biggest Christmas disappointment this year was, after having walked on the ice to get to Costa's or Starbucks for an Egg Nog Latte and finding they were sold out. Not to be miseries, and to get into the festive mood, we tried the Gingerbread one and we honestly couldn't tell the difference between that and a regular old plain one. What a let down! We won't fall for that one again.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Sad Demise or Two

Now call us crazy, most people do, but to get upset about losing your thirty year old beloved vacuum is probably on the list of insane. But, I have to say our loyal old hoover junior has been just wonderful over the years and just the right size for me at four foot eleven oh all right, four foot ten. To replace it has been a nightmare; everything is just so heavy and tall. Eventually, I have had to compromise and say O.K. to a wind blowing panasonic it will do as, long as I remember to dust afterwards. It was making it's debut this morning, as Monday's is mucking out day for me and I was thinking maybe this isn't so bad, when tragedy struck.... Ralph got sucked up!!! Who is Ralph? Ralph is Molly's peanut, she picked him out of a whole bowlful of peanuts the day she arrived. She just popped out of the carrying basket Lynn (Team Rescue) had brought her in, she gave us all a kiss and headed straight for the peanut bowl and has been in love with Ralph ever since. How do I tell her? Perhaps get another one quick just like my vacuum - BUT replacements are never the same.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hickory Dickory Dock...

the cat ran up the clock.... Last night we were safely tucked up in bed with our books and cuppas when I thought I heard the keys on the hall table jingle. Or being this time of the year, I thought I'd watched one Christmas movie too many already and was hearing sleigh bells. No, when I came down this morning I found our new heart shaped pottery clock's delicate fingers mangled. Mistaken for one of those there bugs from Sunday I suppose. Now who do you think could have done it ? Yes you've guessed our ' dear Molly'. This week we reckon we have had at least a hundred pounds worth of damage from all our furry friends. I ask you are they worth it? To us they are... But let's hope this is the end of the carnage, before we have to file for bankruptcy. Now where's the glue and pliers.