Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gold Fever

Yesterday, our latest wedding certificate (1897) arrived for my great grandparents. I found out that my great, great grandfather's occupation was a gold miner. I am now wondering was he one of the 49ers? Was it in Australia?, Klondike? California? or Wales?, was he a claim staker or claim jumper? All to be revealed now I have some more dates and names to work with. I gather he never found any us not being rich like. This is more like it, better than an insurance salesman!

Civilization restored..well almost

At last we have furniture back! I really thought we would never see it again as the days have crept past and I couldn't get him on the phone. But it has returned, brand new and a bit stiff; needs breaking in now, just like new slippers. With everything back in its place - we hate change - all is comfy cosy and we thought how peaceful and relaxing ... until there's a hell of a clatter in the kitchen and two huge cats fighting, neither of them ours. My favourite Royal Worcester mug (collectors item) smashed to smithereens by Ferret and Toby who had finally met up after weeks of us making them miss each other. They must have crept in through the cat flap one at a time whilst Molly was out and while we were admiring our new furniture. I am now looking on the Net for a replacement of my Art Deco Sails in the Sunset Royal Worcester mug, not the later conical shaped ones, if there is one left anywhere. I would settle for Castles in the Air instead if I could find one of those. Meanwhile, I said to Molly 'you can come upstairs with me to look for a mug'. She immediately started looking up the wall for bugs not mugs and made me laugh when I felt really fed up. It was a tonic.

Monday, November 23, 2009


I think I am beginning to believe in Karma. This morning, I went out to do a good turn and by sheer 'karma' found my mini photo Christmas albums. Oh what joy. I am now set up to do my parcel packing and table decorating. Hope it comes out as I am expecting or all that shoe leather and time will have been wasted. But never the good deeds.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Got 'em!

They say seek and ye shall find. We went to our favourite city of Lichfield this morning, and found the elusive candy canes almost straight away in Hawkins Bazaar, who'd have thought it? Then, across the road in The Works, boxes of 'em at 99p a box so I am well stocked, and well pleased. You'd think there was a war on... now for the miniature photo albums....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where, Oh Where?

Having no furniture is one thing, we are adapting. But not being able to buy a few traditional Christmas items is quite another. Thinking we had better try and do something towards Christmas whilst we can't sit down anywhere, we have worn ourselves to a frazzle over the silliest things. For instance, I took it in my head that I would like candy canes for Christmas tree decoration and for putting on our parcels as the Americans do. Every year since I can remember, BHS have sold 12 in a box for £1.99 or thereabouts. This year, there is not one in sight in BHS, M&S, House of Fraser, garden centres, supermarkets, Cosco or sweetie shops, not one bl...dy Christmas candy cane. Where are they? So, I thought, I'll try another idea, I will look for very small Christmas photo albums. Not a lot to ask for, WHSmith, the biggest stationers we know, sent me to Poundland, they also sent me there for bookmarks which no one has either. This is a Catch 22 situation. The shops tell you they don't stock it because no one buys it, and no one buys it because they dont stock it. Is it me, or them? Bring back Woollies, all is forgiven! Help....

A Long Days Fortnight!

How your life can change so easily. We have only had no furniture for two weeks, but, in this fortnight, our leisure time has changed dramatically. We have found that we have nowhere to sit together to blog, do our family tree, Christmas shop on line, e-mail friends, quilt, read, make music, watch a good old movie or entertain friends and family. All these things we have obviously taken for granted and boy, do we miss them when they are taken away. Our furniture is being reupholstered. They took it all in one go and have now decided that it will take longer than they told us before we will get it back. A lesson to be learned here is to always appreciate the things you do day by day and never take anything for granted whether it be small or large as you do not realise how much they make up your lives until they are gone. You may wonder where we are writing this but we have found an old deck chair as Molly has taken the best seat in the house loaned to us by Terry and Yvonne as they took pity on us. The other lesson we have learnt is to never take anyone's word, but to always get it in writing. The days when a gentlemen's word was his bond have truly passed. We can now take pity on Terry and Yvonne who have ripped up their kitchen and hall floors awaiting their new one and have just been told that the man is starting the job at least half a day late. Good luck with that then!