Tuesday, January 31, 2012

little packages are just the best

I thought Christmas had come again yesterday, the postie, who is now well trained and is our new friend, delivered a little package for me. It was from Bri. It was the most delightful little book I have seen. It has lovely old fashioned snowy illustrations. It is just my thing. It was ‘The Greatest Gift’, by Philip Van Doren Stern. It is a facsimile of the one he wrote in 1943, which he couldn’t get published and so he had it made into Christmas cards for his family and friends. Since then of course it has become the all time Christmas favourite movie story, ‘ It’s a Wonderful Life’. So thank you Bri, it will be one of my most treasured possessions and I just love it to bits. I bet the publishers who turned the original down are real sorry.

1 Robin, 2 Blue tits and 3 …

What’s Molly going to do now that Earthflight has finished? She hasn’t missed a frame. It must have made a BIG impression on her because, when we were doing our count the birds in your garden hour, we heard seagulls and then they got bigger and bigger as they came down to fly around our pear tree and take a look. Molly ran in hell for leather as their shadow crossed over her. I guess she was thinking eagles!vultures! They weren’t your usual size they were huge, more like albatross and they shrieked really loud. Enough to give you nightmares.

I think we will have to stop her watching too much television…

P.S Just looked up what we saw in the AA bird book and it really looks like they were black backed gulls and they, apparently, are really mean

Monday, January 30, 2012


Bri has just told me there is a severe weather warning for this week. I watched Country File last night no snow, no rain, no wind so what’s the alert for then? Cold, it's going to be cold. This is ridiculous, all the winters in the past have been ‘cold’ without any weather warnings, are we getting soft? I have just started writing the story of my family starting 1811 in Snowdonia. The river Thames froze that year it was really really cold back then and with no comfort of any kind. How soon we all forget what our ancestors went through and a lot of us too, before central heating, lighting, supermarkets, cars, designer bottled water etc. It is so easy to take all this for granted, I know I do. However, I do hope they don’t turn off our street lights like they have down south, I can’t find my torch anywhere!.