Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pea'd off with the peas

I am soooo disappointed with our peas they were looking wonderful before I put them out and under fleece for protection a couple of weeks ago..... and then.... horror of horrors when we unveiled them they were the sorriest sight, pale and uninteresting doesn't cover it. They were like lace curtains and they hadn't grown a jot. What on earth happened? They had plenty of water, they were warm, they had slug pellets around them, what else could I have done? I want to know!!!!  If anyone out there can explain what got 'em please tell....  If the unveiling had been a few days later I would have blamed the swarm of Hawthorn flies (St. Marks Fly, they usually appear 25th April, but it was probably too cold for them too) that turned up without warning but it wasn't them.