Sunday, October 26, 2008


We have had a week full of cats this week. The problem with Molly being so friendly is that she brings home every cat she meets. She probably tells them 'Come back to my place, my Mommy and Daddy will give you some dinner' This has resulted in a stranger arriving who we call the-cat-with-no-name as, although he lives around here, we don't actually know who he belongs to or, indeed, what he is called. He is not a stray because he has a collar with a blue bell. None of our neighbours like this cat so, when they see him, they run him off. We won't do that however, so we will try and find out where he comes from. Unlike Henry, who once he has been fed goes away again, this cat hangs around so we don't feed him.We don't really want him wandering around our house in case it upsets Molly. It definitely upsets Henry who is frightened of this cat, so he stays here longer until he is sure that the other cat has gone away. This has now resulted in us not knowing whether we are coming or going or going and coming having to keep doors shut etc.Our, niece to be was here yesterday who has a real phobia against cats so we had to make sure that Molly was kept away from her and Henry turned up so we had to lock him out of the room as well. This resulted in a true British farce. Henry's Mom and Dad have gone away this weekend so we are going to their house to feed him and his brother Ferret. At least we got one of our hours back this weekend but not our sanity!

Monday, October 20, 2008

What a Weekend !

This weekend I became an Optimistic Articulate Person I had no expectations of the day but I have to say I had the best Birthday and Weekend anyone could have wished for. It was hectic, fun and full of surprises and I was spoiled rotten by my lovely husband, family and friends, the time and love they all put into it made me feel so special that I did'nt have time to think which birthday I was celebrating let alone sulk or fill in the form for my free bus pass. I am a t'wearly but not a cauliflower. Translated, that is too early to use the bus pass before nine thirty because the bus drivers say 'you're too early', and the cauliflower is apparently the tight white perm you have to have to get on the bus with. I personally have no intention of behaving gracefully as I haven't up to now. I may wear plaid and get a purple hat though.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cool Up North

Save Our Sheep

Next time you townies are out and about enjoying the countryside, no doubt through the window of a car, look out for upside down sheep. Apparently, your sheep is top heavy, especially when its coat is particularly wet.

This leads to a propensity to falling over and rolling into a position with its feet in the air, a state from which it is unable to recover. Unlike a beetle or insect, it has no wing shell or wings to open to assist recovery, nor can it arch its body.

So, it just lies there looking and, no doubt, feeling hopeless and forlorn. This is where you come in. Simply get out of your car, roll sheep onto side and it will scramble upright and, with a baa of thanks, amble on its way. You’ll feel great (when you’ve washed your hands), and a place in heaven will be assured.

Pip Pip,
Old Arthur

Lonely Hearts

At a time when loads of friends and family are celebrating ruby weddings and stuff, spare a thought for those without a squeeze. This week’s parish magazine has just the one request.

Tartless Wreck seeks Reckless Tart. Photo appreciated to : Box 100, The Fawdry Journal, Sutton Coldfield.

* * * * * *
And remember, a little of what you fancy does you in

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Phwoar What a Whopper!!

Yesterday, we went down the lottie as we hadn't been since last Saturday. Everything looked pretty ship shape but there was the leeks to weed, some raspberries and courgettes to pick and we pulled our first parsnip, which, although it wasn't very big, was straight with no forks. When we arrived, Plum found a pot with bluebell bulbs in for her from Julie which she has planted along with her daffodil bulbs. We planted some more sets of onions which Reg had previously given us. Speaking of Reg, we bumped into him and he kindly offered us a load of beetroot that he didn't need which we took as Yvonne loves beetroot.
Today, we bought some squash seeds to sow next year . When we went down the plot, Plum met Jackie who had grown squash this year. She showed us how they grow and how much space they take up. Then she gave Plum a little squash which we will take for Izzy as she loves it all mashed up. John Badger was there who had just won first prize for his giant pumkin (43 pounds) what a whopper! He graciously offered it to Plum who didn't want to take it off him but did, for Izzie's first Halloween pumkin. Whenever we go down the plot, we are always amazed at everybody's kindness. We hope that, when we have been doing the lottie a bit longer, we will be able to repay everyone in kind.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just Molly and Me...

...Molly and I had a jolly in this afternoon’ s autumn sunshine. We went to our very local pine trees and collected pine cones, we found loads. She really really had fun running in and out of the fallen branches and pe-poing me. Not sure if she understood what we were doing there though, but it didn't matter. This was getting ready for our own family thanksgiving harvestfest dinner which we have just invented. We have come up with the idea for a thanksgiving harvestfest dinner because we can’t all get together every Christmas and this can be our very own moveable feast.

The pine cones are for the decorations,when dried out and open, along with squash from Hazel’s allotment and corn from Sainsburys, they have fancy colours black,orange and yellow.

We also will use them for Christmas, but then we will paint them with dabs of white emulsion to look like snow and hey presto! natural tree ornaments. Sometimes I like to add another dab of glue and glitter, but you really can’t improve on nature.

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Beginnings...

Today I have started a new blog especially for recipes. These are going to be made up of tried and true old recipes we have collected in our family. This blog is especially for our niece who is just starting to cook for her new baby and will be adding, we hope, to our collection.
It can be found at