Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Chance of Snow? (Maybe)

Many years ago, there was a true Christmas story of a small girl called Virginia who wrote to the New York Times to ask if there really was a Santa Claus, because if the New York Times said there was, then it must be true. Such was the trust in newspapers.
This weekend, the long range weather forecast in the Sunday times says there is probably a chance of snow this week and this winter could be cold because we are on the wrong side of the Jet Stream or maybe not. How would Virginia fare with the probablys and the maybes of today's reporting?Would she believe in Santa or not?
I love snow and the anticipation of snow is wonderous. I can't explain it. Is it the thought of being marooned in a romantic hideaway, or the silence that comes alongside the beauty of it, or is it simply that on a snowy day, it gives you an excuse to do nothing at all? So should I write to the Sunday Times and ask will there be snow this Christmas? I don't think so after seeing their weather report this week with their ifs, buts and maybes. But if not them then who?
By the way, the New York Times did reply, they said,'Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus', but we knew that didn't we because we saw him yesterday.

In Search of Santa

With great trepidation we agreed to go out in the country again, at night. After our last escapade of getting really lost we thought 'it can't happen twice'. Wrong! when departure time came - thick fog. Now, as my brother had asked us and he goes to regions where it freezes your eyelashes, shoulder high snow in the middle of absolutely nowhere, we decided we definitely couldn't chicken out, fog or no fog. So off we went through the thick, thick fog and then the dark thick, thick fog, and this was just to get to his house. When we got there, we were truly welcomed by Yvonne and Terry who admitted they thought we wouldn't turn up as we never go out in the dark and over our local border not being the adventurous types. We weren't even late.
Our destination was a lovely little village called Elford, (also in the middle of nowhere) which was having their annual Victorian Christmas Market complete with brass band, and, of course, Santa. It was truly magical with mulled wine (of which we imbibed), Victorian dressed people, colourful stalls, pig roast and a wonderful crackling log fire.The hedgerows were lit with candles in jars to lead the way to their warm, welcoming church. The four of us had a lovely time and are looking forward to next year's event. It was such a cold night but Yvonne had prepared a warming hearty meal earlier for when we returned. Our journey home was in even thicker fog but we didn't care because we'd seen Santa !

Friday, November 28, 2008

Tailor Moves In

Plum and I are a bit frazzled . Every time we turn around, there is a cat under our feet. We have now decided to call the-cat-with-no-name Tailor because he has a large black tail at the end of a white body. He now comes to see us several times a day. Yesterday, we had to go out in search of Molly who had been missing for a couple of hours. When I found her, I locked her in and went to find Plum to let her know all was well . When she went upstairs, she thought she had gone dizzy because the bed in the spare room seemed to be moving. In fact, it was Tailor who had come in while we were out and plonked himself on the bed and started washing. Because he is white and the bed cover is very light, Plum didn't realise he was there. He had made himself so comfortable in our absence that it made us feel like absolute rats to throw him out in the rain. But, we needn't have worried, because Henry popped in just at the right moment and escorted him off what he regards as his premises. Fine Then we were pinned down by Henry who had come in out of the rain for a smackerel and a comfy lap. An hour later he also went home and left the house in peace to Molly. Phew!!!! Oh for a bit of frantic Christmas shopping it's much quieter!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Bears and I

I started a new quilt today, I am calling it the bears and I, it is a pure indulgence and will go with nothing in the house. I saw the material and I had a quilters moment when you just know you have to make that quilt. I love bears and so I started collecting fabric that would be woodsy with bears, flying geese,moose and log cabins and now after a year I have enough for it. So today I cut my first block which is of course the bear's paw pattern. Molly helped so it will probably take a little longer than I expected, I hope she will like quilting as much as Amy (our previous cat) who in 21 years never missed a stitch.

One Step Closer

The cat with no name is still coming everyday, twice usually, but today we got a clue. He has a new collar a diamante fancy one. Now I ask you did a man buy him that? I don't think so. Therefore he must belong to a woman. So far we know he lives up the road not down it, he is out all day so his owner works and now we know its a woman, shouldn't be long before we get another clue as to where he comes from and find out his name. BUT the diamante collar now suggests he could be a girl, which is why he takes no notice when we call him a good boy and ask him nicely to leave! Am I a dick or what?