Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rain Stops Play

We're getting a bit fed up with this weather as we can't get anything done. We have about 80 small flower plants to put out and a load of weeding to do with the onions etc. but no sooner do we start, than down it comes again. We aren't having much luck with our beans again this year. The dwarf French got windburn even though they were fleeced up so we have had to plant some more. On the bright side, however, our first batch of Cos lettuce are doing fine and we picked our first radishes yesterday and then forgot to bring them home with us!! However we did remember to take the rhubarb which we made into rhubarb and strawberry crumble (strawberries from last years crop). We are now waiting for this years. The first earlies are coming along and also the Anyas that Julie gave us are springing up in the sacks.
We have decided that, next year, we will begin sowing and planting much later and to start everything in a cold frame as last year we had much better results that way. We will also make sure that we cover the whole plot with muck in the Autumn. One thing about allotmenteering is, that you are learning how not to do things all the time!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rooms With A View

This last week has been like Heaven in our house. Every window in every room overlooks either cherry or pear blossom, pink and white just like big fluffy clouds. Every May we look forward to this event which just keeps getting better and better as the trees grow. We just thought we would like to share our rooms with a view with you.

What a Difference a Day Makes

Twenty four little hours as the song goes, and you go from a tiny little alien seedling poking out of the pot to a grown up seedling, which is proud to be called a Butternut squash. How I love this tiny miracle and how I will do my best to nurture it into a dinner. I will not give it a name or dinner will be off! This is my first successful seedling this year. I am excited and relieved, because I can't say I am any good with the sowing stuff, but I am never going to quit this growing lark it is too much fun and just like a soap with the daily cliffhangers, will she make it? who will get bumped off next? is she having a baby? to be continued...

Smoke Signals - Read All About It!!

After a tortuous three weeks, we are now back enjoying ours and everybody else's blog. We would have had more success with smoke signals than Virgin's signals which were non existent .We have been on a merry-go-round from our router supplier to our broadband supplier to our telephone supplier, non of which were helpful.
We have discovered that it does work if the wind is in the right direction, as do smoke signals, and the last few days have been windy! This has been so frustrating,we have decided to go back to pen and ink and start a new newsletter to go with our blog. This will also be called Notes From a Small Shed, theme for first issue will be 'Summer Magic'. Hopefully, we can get other contributors on board to share experiences and have a few laughs. We will do as we have always done with our old Fawdry Journal and anyone that contributes automatically receives a copy. If anyone is interested in contributing or for more information, please email us at