Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tails of the Unexpected

Unexpected is the only word to describe the surprises I got from our feline friends the last two days. Yesterday, Will (Scarlett) appeared in the kitchen - now Will often comes to collect Molly, but never comes in. But Molly was having a very rare nap so he came in to find her. She was really pleased and happily ran off with him to play.
After Bri came home lunchtime, he went off to feed and check on Henry and Ferret as usual, and to our very big surprise, Ferret (Jones), who we thought must be an undercover agent, because he is never seen out and about, followed him home. (He does love Bri, he rolls over for a tummy rub, Ferret that is, not Bri). He never comes right up to the door but he too popped in yesterday but popped back out again rather smartish. Bri walked him back home, but he appeared again in the evening and we had to take him back again. He is, of course, always welcome but he's not like Henry who knows his way around so well.
The biggest surprise for me though, was my little Molly - how I have dreamt that she would love to quilt with me like Amy, (my old cat who never missed a stitch in her twenty one years). Today, I got my wish. She took hold of my quilting pencil as I drew the design on my quilt and wouldn't let it go - well it's a start!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Not So Blue Mondays

This Monday afternoon as I sat down to work on my bear paw quilt, I thought how pleased I am with the leaf design I have chosen as it is really pretty and I am well satisfied with the way it is coming along. As I have been stitching, I have been thinking of another group of stitchers, the Sew and Sews in County Cork which my pen friend Ann belongs to. They turn out some truly stunning work. They meet every Monday and whoever gets there first lights the fire ( good job it's not me with my record of lighting fires) and they settle down to a good afternoon of stitching and gossiping and a cosy time is enjoyed by all. I wish I belonged to their group and can only hope that my quilt will come up to their standard when it is finished. This will probably be another six months for the amount of time I am able to spend on it with all the other things that seem to crop up, but it's good to know that it's there to come back to.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's Been a Funny Old Week (and a bit)

Blimey! The last few days have been a bit hectic around here. Today, all we can do is lie on the couch and read the Sunday papers prior to going to the social club for a drink with Johnny Badger ( Bottom of the Plot) in honour of his seventieth birthday.
It started last Saturday when we went out for a Valentine's Day candlelit dinner and to see Elvis. No, not the real one, he's dead. We saw our local Elvis impersonator, Kevin Paul, who is really good. However, what with dinner and everything, we didn't get home until 1.00 a.m, late by our standards as we are usually tucked up by ten because we like to have a read. During the week we had the 'legendary' fire down the plot and lots of visitors. Plum also finished another quilt ( a small one) which is for our niece's best friend. We are also cat sitting, Ziggy, for a neighbour who is in China for three weeks. Friday we wrestled with a turkey prior to cooking it for games night on Saturday and then we went to the theatre with Sarah to see Stepping Out. It was a good but another latish night. Yesterday we had ten for tea and games which meant lots of food preparation helped by Terry and Yvonne who cooked some yummy cakes for us. We had a nice surprise when Simon and Nat (his girlfriend) came for a visit in the afternoon. This was followed by Henry who thought he had come to the wrong house as all the furniture had been moved which was not to his liking so he stomped off. Meanwhile, Molly played musical chairs until she found the one in the sunniest spot to lie on and claimed it for her own. Games night was a lot of fun (our team won of course) .We have never played Pictionary before, and it was a hoot - artists we are definitely not, Articulate and Trivial Pursuit are our usual tipples. It was another late night had by all but worth it for the fun memories we will have.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where There's Smoke

Today we went down to the lottie to catch up with a few jobs. First we cut down the raspberries, pruned the gooseberries and the blackcurrants. That was a good start. Bumped into Johnnie Badger from 1A can't believe he is 70 on Sunday he is so young at heart and all the years we have known him he is always up to something new. Then we decided we would have a fire as we have been waiting for a while for a dry day. So, with all good intentions, we put down a supply of shredded paper and piled some twigs on top. So far, so good.The next thing was to light it. Easier said than done. The matches which had been kept in the shed were non too dry and wouldn't strike and anyway, they kept breaking in half before you could strike them. Eventually, we did manage to get one to light and put it to the paper. A small flicker of flame ensued. Good!! here we go then for a blazing fire to warm ourselves while we drank our tea. No chance! After a very short time the flame died. Try again. Another small flame and lots of smoke. Lots and lots of smoke. Piled on some more twigs but they were too green to burn. What we needed was a boy scout to show us how to set a fire - along came Mike Hubball to see what all the smoke was about but no helpful advice was forthcoming. He suggested instead that we threw the twigs over the fence like everyone else! Undeterred we had another crack at it until we had drank all the tea, failed miserably, wished we'd tidied the shed instead of wasting our time, shook our heads sorrowfully and went home. Arsonists we are not - silly arses maybe!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Plum Crazy!

They always say be careful what you wish for. Well I wished for a smattering of snow not a shed load. I just wanted that quiet snow day so as not to feel guilty for not doing the usual. But it hasn't quite worked out that way. I do feel guilty Big Time. While I was looking for something nice to do, I found UFO's (unfinished objects) I worried about these so much I couldn't settle to read from my stash of books, take a luxurious bath by candlelight or any of the things I wished for. The snow kept coming - extra free time - not on your life! I still worried about finding just the right project so I wouldn't waste the precious snow day. I had now wasted the whole day looking and worrying - I am definitely crazy. Not as crazy as my brother and sister in law, who got up in the middle of the night and, by the light of the snow, decided their bedroom door didn't match their others so went out into a snow blizzard at first light to B & Q for a tin of snow white paint. Lunacy obviously runs in our family and we don't 'do' free time.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Day Fun!

Molly's great adventure began first thing yesterday morning when she looked out and saw white stuff everywhere. She has only seen it once before and she didn't know what to make of it. Needless to say being Molly she soon took stock and ran out into a small blizzard ran around the pear tree twice and came back in looking like she was thinking, 'that will show it'! It reminded me of Pooh, when he walked around the tree following his own footprints. After another few sorties she got the hang of it and was in and out all morning trying to catch the flakes, skidding and generally making mayhem as usual, you should have seen our floor. Henry and Toby turned up for a smackerel and a warm but were totally unconcerned about the white stuff, but then they have been around a bit longer than our Moll.