Saturday, June 13, 2015

A very strange encounter again....

I've had a Mary Berry of a day. I thought I would try a couple more recipes out of her new book. So I have baked her famous lemon drizzle cake and yes we have tried it. It was good, I can't say I was impressed with her meatballs. I have definitely made better. Delia's and Adrianna Trigianni's Italian family recipe ones were both a nicer texture. The sauce was good enough though. After having a bit of a moment in the culinary department we went off to the lottie for a talk on how to grow and show. Now here is where the day took a very odd turn for me. One of the ladies (no names to protect the crazy), said to me,

"Are you John's wife?".

"No I'm Bri's wife".

"No you're not you're John's wife, I saw you come in with him"

"No, I came in with Bri."

"No, you didn't".

 It was starting to get unreal. In fact it was getting downright ugly. It also was getting to the point that I believed her and nearly apologised for me mistaking my husband. Looking for reassurance
 I turned around and saw a friend who really knew who I had arrived with and knew who I am married to start to grin. Thank goodness I thought, I'm not daft after all, at least I don't think  I am, am I? Why do I attract the oddballs?....

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